Interesting places in the Pyrenees and around with Jane Cautch

St. Papoul Abbey is one of the Nineteen Gems of Architecture and an Important Religious Center of the Cathar Country

St. Papoul Abbey (fr. L’Abbaye de Saint-Papoul) is the former Benedictine abbey located in Saint-Papoul, a few kilometers from Castelnaudary and Carcassone, in the Montagne foothills.

It is one of the nineteen gems of architecture and an important religious center of the Cathar country (Pays Cathare), which is a historical area in the South of France.

St. …

Eat to live, live to eat: best nutrition and diet with Carolina Kramer

Catalan cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine and its typical example

Catalan cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine and its typical example. Most often references are made to the food of Catalonia and Northern Catalonia, and occasionally Andorra but some contemporary authors like Josep Pla, Jaume Fàbrega, Eliana Thibaut i Comalada, Ferran Agulló and the English-language writer, Colman Andrews, talk about shared gastronomy throughout the Catalan …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Anatoly Torkunov: Politology together with natural science breeds the synergy that helps us to do projections using methods of mathematical analysis

The rector of MGIMO University, Doctor of history and Candidate of political science, Anatoly Torkunov talks about the importance of political science in the context of the modern world, dark spots in the history, the complicated situation around North Korea, this year’s entrance exams to MGIMO, and new programs that are actively being developed by …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Post-Technology and Man-Machine Society: the Conceptual Lag is Much More Dangerous than the Economic and even Technological Lag, says Futurologist Sergei Pereslegin

Sergei Borisovich Pereslegin is the director of Knowledge Economics Center at the International Scientific-Research Institute for Management Problems, scientific director of “Knowledge reactor” project group and a specialist in the field of future forecasting and modeling (psycho history).

Today we are talking with Sergey Pereslegin on the subject of the Sixth (VI) techno-economic paradigm:

How can you …

Castles and fortresses of Spain and France with Mathew Kristes

The Torre de Claramunt Castle was a fortified and advanced tower that was built by the family of the House of Claramunt for the surveillance and control of the Carmen stream valley and the road to the Penedès

The Torre de Claramunt Castle (cat. El Castell de la Torre de Claramunt), initially built in the 11th century, is a large house that was extended in several phases, the most important one was carried out by Joan de Claramunt in the 16th century (1565).

It started with the primitive watch tower erected at the end …