The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Nice city and its attractions

Nice (Fr. Nice) is the seventh most populous urban area in France and the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department.

Located between sea and mountains, economic and cultural capital of the Côte d’Azur, Nice benefits from important natural assets. Tourism, commerce and administrations (public or private) occupy an important place in the economic activity of the city. …


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The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Perpignan – a former capital of the Kingdom of Majorca

Perpignan (Catalan: Perpinyà) is the capital city of Rosselló and Northern Catalonia. Historically, it can be considered the capital of the county of Roussillon, the kingdom of Majorca, and the province of Roussillon.

It is divided into 6 cantons which serve as electoral districts: the 6th (Perpignan-1), 7th (Perpignan-2), 8th (Perpignan-3), 9th (Perpignan-4), 10th (Perpignan-5) and …

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The industrial heritage of the “Iron Route in the Pyrenees”

The industrial heritage of the “Iron Route in the Pyrenees”. This itinerant exhibition shows the special aspects of the various cultural resources that make up the Iron Route in the Pyrenees which runs from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

During the event, the digital guide of the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Itinerary will be presented. In order to show …

The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Lleida and its sights

Lleida (cat. Lleida, sp. Lérida) is a city in western Catalonia, the capital of the Segrià region (cat. comarca) and the Ponet vegueria, head of the judicial district and the seat of the Diocese of Lleida.

Its extensive municipal district, the largest and most populated in the comarca, is formed by the city, the decentralized municipal …


Fairy tales are the best therapy, people forget about their everyday routine and start a magical journey with me, said Cédric Hoareau, a mountain guide and professional narrator

Cédric Hoareau is a mountain guide and professional narrator of the legends of the Catalan Pyrenees. He offers a unique service – organizing walking tours and hiking trails, regardless of the season, to places related to mysterious stories and legends. He tells these legends himself. This type of educational tourism is becoming increasingly popular among …

The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Escaldes – Engordany and its attractions

Escaldes-Engordany (cat. Escaldes-Engordany) – is the seventh parish of Andorra (became a district in 1978, and was previously part of the capital Andorra La Vella). Currently the border between Andorra La Vella and Escaldes – Engordany is nominal (a street divides 2 cities). The parish is composed of the areas of les Escaldes, Engordany, Els Vilars d’Engordany, Engolasters, and …