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Casa de la Vall gets the status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site soon, thinks GS of the National Commission of UNESCO Jean-Michel Armengol

General Secretary of the National Commission of Andorra for UNESCO Jean-Michel Armengol listed the main projects UNESCO has in Andorra and told about the plans for the next 2 years:

When did the UNESCO division open in Andorra?

In 1993 Andorra adopted a constitution and became a member of the UN. More than 20 years ago, …

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Freedom of speech for journalists in Andorra does exist although it is dependent on the political and economic establishments in some ways, thinks Josep Silvestre from Silvestre Advocats

On 3rd May the Andorran Association of Communication Specialists (L’Associacio de professionals de la communicació d’Andorra) held a public debate regarding freedom of speech in the principality. The event coincided with the celebration of World Press Freedom day. Josep Anton Silvestre (the criminal lawyer from Silvestre Advocats) was one of the participants at the event …