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Catalan producer of olive oil launched olive beer

photo: ACN

Olive oil producer Ivan Cayles launched the world’s first olive beer. Oliba Green Beer is a beer born in the Vall de Barcedana (Pallars Jussà, Catalonia), which is distinguished by a special green colour.

The agronomist wanted to combine his two passions in one product; olives and beer. Its recipe includes seven varieties …

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Detox: five green detox smoothies to choose from

Detox: five green detox smoothies to choose from

Today we will talk about delicious, healthy drinks for lovers of green juices.

Refreshing smoothie:

Looking for a light and refreshing low-sugar drink? Green smoothies are perfect. Drink a cocktail before a workout to recharge your batteries with the energy of electrolytes contained in coconut water and replenish …

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