Creativity is priceless and it is what gives us the means to live outside these walls, says Judith Moran, owner of the French private museum of mechanical dolls

The museum of mechanical dolls in Limoux (France) is a unique place that will undoubtedly be interesting to visit for both children and adults. It is a private museum created by Martine Morand and Jean-Jaques Achache and inherited by their daughter, Judit Morand. all-andorra.com asked its owner about the history of the place and its …

Festivals, holidays and fairs of the Pyrenees and around with Irma Tomas / Photo reportage

The most famous fairs in Catalonia: Medieval fair in Suria (Fira Medieval d’Oficis de Súria)

Medieval fair in Suria (Fira Medieval d’Oficis de Súria). Catalonia, Spain

For many years, the Medieval Fair in the Catalan city of Suria has been one of the most significant festive events in the province of Bages and, in general, Catalonia, with craftsmen’s workshops and stalls, a real blacksmith, traditional Catalan dishes, snacks and sweets and …

The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Campan – a French city in the Upper Pyrenees, famous for its marble deposits and a straw dolls exhibition

Campan (fr. Campan) is a commune in France, located in the Hautes-Pyrénées department, Occitanie region.


The town name probably comes from the Campon tribe name, which Roman commander Valerius Messala defeated in 28 BC. near the Payolle town – 13 km from Campan.

They built the first church in the Campan Valley in the 1st …