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VRH – the virtual reality entertainment center and biocybernetics laboratory

VRH – the virtual reality entertainment center and biocybernetics laboratory 

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Virtual Reality

Hall (VRH)









EUR 370 mln, 7 years.
Virtual city is the large-scale entertainment center and biometric laboratory
Dome structure with Stewart platforms. Virtual reality and biocybernetics laboratory.
Kinematics analysis new perspective direction (movement in human space). There are no analogs of the 3D environment …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Oleg Petrunya: Cybernetics must find a human face

Oleg Eduardovich Petrunya – Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), specialist in the field of philosophy and methodology of science and technology.

His research interests include historical, philosophical and methodological problems of mathematics, computer science, cybernetics, biology, medicine, psychology, linguistics, history, jurisprudence, economics, and sociology.

He has about 100 …