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Andorra is the second country in Europe in terms of the number of Internet users

Andorra is one of the European countries leading in terms of the number of Internet users, reports Andorran Statistics department and Andorra Telecom. The official report pays attention to the parameters such as the use of home computers and smartphones, e-commerce and people skills in the field of digital technologies.

According to statistics, 94.5% of Andorran …

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The French education system motivates students to think creatively, to explore and exhibit on a daily basis, said the headmaster of the Lycee Comte de Foix (Andorra), Daniel Raynal

The headmaster of the Lycee Comte de Foix (Andorra), Daniel Raynal, told about the new developments of the French education system:

In general, what can you say about the new development trends of the French secondary school system?

The French education system is evolving. In fact, the new Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, has asked …

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Within the closest years property market prices in Andorra annually will grow approximately for 5-7%, considers the president of Association of businessmen of Andorra Xavier Altimir Planes

The association of businessmen of Andorra (CEA – La Confideració Empresarial Andorrana) summed up the work results for 2014. The president of Association Xavier Altimir Planes told in the interview for about the results and plans of its activity and answered many other questions connected with policy and economy of Andorra.

What CEA is? What are the …