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Andorra will make a film documentary about wildlife

The acting Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable Development of Andorra, Silvia Calvo, signed a cooperation agreement with veterinarian Jordi Tena and associate professor Xavier Balmés on Tuesday, regarding their participation in the filming of a documentary on the biodiversity of the Andorran fauna. This project is intended mainly for the schools in the principality.

The …

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117 chamois (rupicapra) were killed in Andorra last week

A week of hunting for chamois (rupicapra) took place in Andorra from the 10th to the 17th of September. The sanctioned volume for the week was 143 animals, however, 117 animals were killed by fact.

The director of the environmental protection service of the Andorran government (Cos de Banders) Migel Rossell, explained that the quota was …