The sound of music with Dmitry Tolkunov

Matthew Herbert: Reflecting the time

Matthew Herbert talks about his new album, dedicated to Brexit as well as his farming lifestyle, favorite collaborations, dark times in human history and paying debt to the pig community

Matthew Herbert is certainly one of the most interesting modern composers. He started his musical career in the 90’s. His first musical project, Wishmountain, was inspired …


The BREXIT is an opportunity for the EU itself to rethink a little and make a commitment to be more flexible, said the Andorran prime Minister, Toni Marti

Photo: Maricel Blanch

The Andorran prime Minister, Toni Marti, share his thoughts about British culture and traditions.

Interview by Irina Rybalchenko

What could you say regarding the relationship between Andorran government and the government of Great Britain?

Andorra and the United Kingdom signed the establishment of diplomatic relations in March 1994, 24 years ago. …

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Andorra is not only able, but also obliged to become part of the European Union, thinks Professor of the Elcano Royal Institute Andrés Ortega

The director of the observatory and Professor of the Elcano Royal Institute, Andrés Ortega, took part in the 8th conference “Dialogue of Europeans” in Andorra organized by the Spanish Embassy in Andorra. In his opinion, Andorra is not only able, but also obliged to become part of the European Union. At the same time, he …

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Andorra, Monaco and San Marino discuss the integration with EU

photo: govern ad

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Andorra Gilbert Saboya, Monaco Gilles Tonelli and San Marino Pasquale Valentini discussed the integration of their countries with the European Union. The meeting was held on Tuesday, 18th October, in the Principality of Monaco. In particular, the issues of coordination and development of a unified strategy …