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Starbucks opens its first cafe in Andorra

Starbucks opened its first cafe in Andorra. The U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra James Costos at the opening ceremony of the cafe said that “Andorra is a great place to do business and to invest in”.

According to him, the government of Andorra did much to liberalize the economy and to create favourable conditions for foreign …

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BAR DE L’ESTADI, Av. de Salou 20, +376 724 958

BAR EL CALIQUENYA, Ctra. De la Comella 12, +376 863 960

BAR ELS MANYOS, Av. de Tarragona 61, +376 825 653

BAR ESPANYOL, C. Bonavista 2 PB local-2, +376 822 060

BAR LA BOSSA, Av. de Salou 52 1, +376 722 041

BAR L’AMIC, Av. Santa …