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Andorra will create a committee of experts to establish the necessary requirements for the reopening of schools

Andorra has decided to create a committee of experts with technicians from the Ministry of Education, Health, and Civil Service to establish the necessary requirements for the reopening of schools.

Moreover, all students between 6 and 9 years old, even those who were not enrolled in sports activities, will be able to participate in online activities …

All Andorra news / Education

At the earliest Andorra will resume school on 1st June

The Minister of Education of Andorra, Ester Vilarrubla, appeared on Monday to announce the latest decisions.

· Connectivity for virtual home-schooling: 270 tablets have been loaned to pupils through the Ministry’s loan service and, with the help of AndorraTelecom, 67 families unconnected to wifi now have access to the internet.

· Dining: The dining service has not …

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#39 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Monday, 20th April, 2020

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433 active cases – 9 less than yesterday.

4 new cases – 5 less than yesterday

37 people in hospital – 2 more than yesterday. 19 on …