SunGallery’s philosophy is to reach the hearts of the people, says Franck Mourey, gallerist and passionate about art

Franck with his wife Catherine

Franck Mourey is a Frenchman who lives between Nice and Andorra and is passionate about art. In his own words, he is “attracted by the beauty of paintings representing events and moments in everyday life.” We spoke to him about contemporary art and his gallery in Andorra, SunGallery, which is open to both talented artists and visitors alike.

Interview: Irina Rybalchenko

How long has SUNGallery existed in Andorra?

Several years ago, I discovered Olivier Tramoni, a French painter born in 1973 who specialises in oil paintings. I was captivated and decided to share his art with as many people as possible. In June 2022, the SunGallery was opened in Andorra. Located in a historic part of town, this small gallery quickly enabled me to showcase other artists who were just as talented, whether they were listed or not. The main thing was that they all shared the same enthusiasm and passion for art.

Why Andorra?

Andorrans obviously love art, as you can see at every roundabout.

The Principality is full of extraordinary places, with landscapes that are both relaxing and bustling with activity – such as hiking around natural lakes in the peace and quietude of snow-capped mountains.

Opening a gallery in a country that prides itself in its art and where you can quickly make friends with the people around you just like in a village, and be part of Andorra’s future development – that’s the goal I’ve set myself. And that’s why I chose Andorra.

To date, I’ve surrounded myself with French artists whom I admire for their passion, their emotional capacity, and above all their willingness to accompany me on this adventure. In Andorra, I’ve found support from shopkeepers, company directors and art lovers – most of whom have become friends rather than professional acquaintances. Their support has accelerated my passion.

Could you give the names of the artists and sculptors who exhibit in your gallery?

As well as mentioning Olivier Tramoni who is an artist from Nice, there are artworks by Oliver Bernard (Bero), the artist from Paris, Ernesto Revueltas, the artist and poet from Cuba, Nathalie Collados, the artist from Toulouse, Laurence Jenkell (better known as JENK) the contemporary art sculptor known for her larger-than-life Bonbon sculptures, and artists Marie Payo and Jean Paul.

Do artists have to pay to be exhibited in SunGallery?

No, they don’t have to pay. They just need me to like them and believe to them. Once their paintings are sold, I receive a commission.

How much do the paintings cost?

The prices of the paintings on show range from €2,500 to €4,000.

Who are the most interesting current artists from your point of view?

I admire Olivier Tramoni. His contrasting works with their astonishing vitality represent his personal perception of landscapes, still life, and human beings. He has a highly personal artistic style, bringing a distinctive modernism to figurative art. His paintings are exhibited in galleries in Europe, the United States and Asia, particularly in Japan.

Are there many experts in contemporary art today?

No, I wouldn’t say that.

What are the main criteria for evaluating paintings by modern artists?

There is an art valuation certification: AKOUN, which is a world leader in art market information.
In fact, AKOUN is the logical culmination of an adventure that began in 1980. At that time, J-A Akoun was an art dealer. He was born in Montmartre near the Place du Tertre, cherished by the great painters of the 19th century.

At the age of eight he met Maurice Utrillo. At eleven he learned from Ferdinand Desnos. At fifteen he made friends with the illusionist Paul Heuzé.

He became a regular visitor to antique markets and auction rooms before becoming a dealer and then an expert in the Drouot auction rooms, the leading auction house for fine objects.

It was initially for his professional use that he listed auctions and calculated average prices. The idea took hold, and J-A Akoun devoted himself to “La Cote des peintres” – which appeared for the first time in 1985 and was an instant success.

To this best-seller was added “AKOUN International Auction Art,” which has more than 450,000 artists from across time and around the world.

Why invest in paintings by contemporary artists in Andorra?

Selling paintings in Andorra is more profitable.

In Andorra, value added tax (the VAT rate) is known as “IGI” and its rate is 4.5% throughout the Principality.

In France, the rate applied is 20% for works imported from third countries. This rate may be reduced to 5.5% if the works are purchased in France or outside the European Union. The 5.5% VAT rate is also applied to purchases made directly from the artist or his successors in title.

What is it that makes SunGallery so special?

SunGallery’s philosophy is to reach the hearts of the people.

There’s nothing more pleasant than sitting in front of a painting that brings back images of tranquillity, serenity, and even peace. A painting can make you think of a place you love and where you’ve had a good time, an activity you’re passionate about, or something you’ve done.

The doors are always open to new local talent who would like to express themselves in both painting and sculpture.

SUNGallery, Andorra, FREE ENTRANCE

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tuesday – Saturday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. or by appointment

Telephone: +376 852 215

Mobile: +376 393 983

General inquiries: [email protected]

Address: Carrer Dr. Nequi, 10, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra

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