Strawberry salad with chunks of grilled monkfish

Strawberry salad with chunks of grilled monkfish


Mixed green salad

Fresh sprouts and herbs

¼ kg of strawberry and wild strawberries

200g of pineapple (diced)

Some asparagus

250 kg of green beans

Olive Oil Extra, salt, pepper, and apple or balsamic vinegar

200-400g of Monkfish medallion with no bone


This recipe can be done with scallops, figs or grapefruit.


Wash and cut all ingredients, steam the asparagus and green beans until “al dente”.


Into a bowl, add the mixed green salad, the fresh sprouts and herbs, salt and pepper, vinegar and olive oil. Mix it all well with your hands so as not to crush it. Add the strawberry and wild strawberries and the diced pineapple. In the meantime, heat the grill to a high temperature, put some oil, salt and pepper on the monkfish medallion. Grill lightly on both sides taking care not to over cook the fish.


Place the monkfish medallion on top of the salad then add the still warm, steamed asparagus and green beans. Dress with some more olive oil.

Nutritional Facts:  Strawberries are as rich in vitamin C as oranges. They have a lot of potassium and little sugar. Asparagus is mostly rich in fiber, water and substance called asparagine that is responsible for its aroma and its diuretic effect. Monkfish conserves its taste even when frozen and is rich in good proteins and, like white fish, has a very low fat content.

Bon Appetit!

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