Steam locomotive Krauss 030 “Reyerta” №6800 in Puente-Viesgo (Spain). Made in Munich (Germany) in 1912.

Georg Krauß, from 1905 Ritter von Krauß (25 December 1826 – 5 November 1906) was a German industrialist and the founder of the Krauss Locomotive Works (Locomotivfabrik Krauß & Comp.) in Munich, Germany and Linz, Upper Austria. The spelling of the company name was later changed from Krauß to Krauss, once the form of the name in capital letters on the company’s emblems had become established.

The first locomotive built by Krauss, the “Degen und Wiegand KARL” (serial number 2062) was constructed in 1888. Degen und Wiegand were a construction company in Kiel. The locomotive was sold to and used by various construction companies, including Hermann Bachstein. It was also used for rail services on the Sued Harz Eisenbahn. The Centrale Limburgsche Spoorweg (CLS) obtained the locomotive through purchase in 1916. It remained in service until 1921 and was scrapped in 1923.

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