Stadler KISS Soko (“Falcon”). Train BelgradeNovi Sad

The Stadler KISS is a family of bilevel electric multiple unit commuter trains developed and built since 2008 by Stadler Rail of Switzerland. As of 2016, 242 KISS trainsets comprising 1,145 cars have been sold to operators in eleven countries.

In the early stages of its development, the KISS was known as the Stadler DOSTO. This name was derived from the German word Doppelstock, meaning “double decker”.

Since September 2010, Stadler refers to the train as “KISS”, an acronym for “Komfortabler Innovativer Spurtstarker S-Bahn-Zug”, meaning “comfortable, innovative, sprint-capable suburban train”.

The upcoming Iberian gauge KISS vehicles for Renfe in Spain, expected to enter service in 2024, will feature a combination of single-deck FLIRT end cars joined by either two double-decker KISS intermediate cars or with two extra single-deck FLIRT intermediate cars.

The train’s power plant is capable of delivering brief bursts (several minutes) of “sprint” power, over 6,000 kilowatts, enabling it to overtake other trains on short express tracks.

Manufacturer: Stadler Rail

Built at:

Switzerland: Bussnang (Stadler Rail)
Spain: Valencia (Stadler Rail Valencia SAU)
United States: Salt Lake City, Utah (Stadler US)

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