St. Petersburg Music Hall

St. Petersburg Music Hall is a Soviet and Russian state theater in St. Petersburg. Opened since 1928.

The Music Hall is housed in the building of the people’s auditorium of the People’s House, built on the initiative of Prince A.P. Oldenburgsky by the architect of the Imperial Court G.I. Lyutsedarsky in 1910-1912, next to the St. Petersburg Planetarium.

The capacity is 1500 spectators.

Today, the Music Hall Theater is loved by the public. The theater offers original and rare musical programs, interesting performances for adults and children. The theater is actively engaged in international activities: recently the theater took part in the program of the international cultural project “Russian Seasons” – 2018 in Italy. In the fall of 2018, the Northern Symphony Theater Symphony Orchestra toured Naples with great success.

Address: Alexander Park, 4

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