St. Petersburg in miniature

On June 15, 2011, Gazprom’s Mini-City street miniature park in Russia was opened on the territory of Alexander Park with 1:33 copies of the main St. Petersburg historical and architectural landmarks cast in bronze.

This is a layout consisting of models of the most significant historical monuments, architectural ensembles, palaces and buildings of St. Petersburg, such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Admiralty, Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace Square, Hermitage, Engineer Castle, General Staff building, Kazan Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood, etc.

All the main sights of the Northern capital in the model range were made of granite and bronze on a scale of 1:33 by the Trofimov masters and the Moscow sculptor A. Taratynov, who lives in Holland. The layout was transferred to the management of the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg.

Address: St. Petersburg, Alexandrovsky Park, 4/3
Metro: Gorkovskaya
Year of opening: 2011
Type: Historical
Free museums; For adults and children
Prices: Admission is free

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