Sretensky Boulevard in Moscow

The Sretensky Boulevard is a street in the Krasnoselsky District of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, part of the Boulevard Ring. Passes from Sretensky Gate Square to Turgenevskaya Square. From the inside, the lanes Milyutinsky and Frolov adjoin the boulevard, from the outside – Kostyansky. The numbering of houses is carried out from Sretensky Gate Square. The boulevard is the shortest on the Boulevard Ring (214 m).

It was named after Sretenka Street. The boulevard was created in 1830 on the site of the walls of the White City demolished in the 1780s. The slope along the outer side of the boulevard is the remnant of the rampart.

Main attractions

On the odd side:

No. 5 – Residential building and hostel of the People’s Commissariat of Communications of the USSR (1934-1937, architects E. Weiss, Yu. E. Shass), now – the Svyazist Plus hotel.

No. 9 – Residential building (1914-1920, architect N. I. Zherikhov).

No. 9 – Profitable house of I. M. Korovin (1906, architect I. G. Kondratenko), a declared object of cultural heritage.

No. 11 – The administrative building of the Lukoil company (originally, according to the project of the architect F. A. Novikov, with the participation of I. Pokrovsky, N. Suslin, V. Vorontsov, engineers Yu. Ionov, V. Gnedin, Yu. Chertovskikh, was intended for Research Institute of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR, completed in 1995 by architect D.S. Solopov). In 2021, the Museum of Oil was opened in a building on an area of almost 700 square meters, the exposition of which is dedicated to the history – the origin, formation and development of the country’s oil industry.

On the even side:

No. 2/30 – Residential building – apartment building (1778, 1872, 1893-1894, architect L. A. Khersonsky, 1990s), a valuable city-forming object.

No. 19/4, p. 1 – House of Loris-Melikov (1840-1850s, architect M. D. Bykovsky).

No. 4/19, p. 2 – Residential building (1927, architect L. S. Zhivotovsky).

No. 6 – The complex of buildings of the former insurance company “Russia” (1899-1902, architect N. M. Proskurnin, with the participation of V. A. Velichkin, forged fence – architect O. V. Dessin).


A monument to Vladimir Shukhov.

A monument to Nadezhda Krupskaya.

Located near the metro stations Turgenevskaya, Chistye Prudy, Sretensky Boulevard.

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