Sphinxes on Universitetskaya embankment, St. Petersburg

Sphinxes on Universitetskaya embankment, 17, are sculptures of zoomorphic mythical creatures (sphinxes) located on Vasilyevsky Island, St. Petersburg.

They were created in the 14th century BC. e. during the reign of the 18th dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III. This period was marked by the flourishing of ancient Egyptian art and the sphinxes are a significant monument of this era.

The sculptures are made of pink Aswan granite and are distinguished by the high quality of the artist’s work. They also stand out for their colossal size: each of them weighs 23 tons and is 5.24 meters long and 4.50 meters high.

Sphinxes have become one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. Located opposite the Academy of Arts, neighboring another symbol of the city – the Griffins.

They all have become a favorite subject for painters.

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