One of the most interesting areas of Barcelona is Montjuïc Mountain, home to the world’s most amazing architectural park. Therefore, all tourists visit this 173-meter mountain while exploring Catalonia (Spain).

At the beginning of the 20th Century, only Montjuïc Mountain remained undeveloped in Barcelona. Therefore, it became the only place in Barcelona where the World’s Fair in 1929 could be held.

Spanish architects had to not only surprise the world with their structures, but also to solve problems with the water supply and sewage system.

After all, they decided to build an ideal Iberian village on Montjuic so the whole world could see the masterpieces of Spanish architecture. As a result, they managed to build an interesting architectural park called “Spanish Village.”

In this park, 117 of the most interesting and famous buildings in Spain have been recreated. Some of them were built on a smaller scale.

Spanish Village is a small town with cobbled streets and squares, and this city is interesting in that the most beautiful Spanish buildings from different eras have been recreated here.

It can also be noted that the Spaniards managed to create the world’s first architectural museum in this location.

All visitors enter Spanish Village through the castle gate, which is a replica of the city gate of San Vincente built in the 11th Century. This gate is considered one of the most ancient monuments in Europe.

Interestingly, next to it is the Plaza Mayor, which is the main square of Spanish village. In the distant past, fairs and executions of criminals were held on such squares. Therefore, some events are still held in the Plaza Mayor.

In addition to squares, you can see traditional Spanish houses with arches, carved doors, beautiful railing, columns, and turrets. These 2-storey houses are U-shaped or L-shaped.

It is believed that such houses began to be built in Spain since the time of the Arab invasion. In addition, it is believed that it was the Arabs who began to paint the walls of the houses white.

Well, the most interesting building of the Spanish village is the unusual Mudejar style Utebo tower, the original of which is located in Zaragoza. The base of the tower is square, and its top has an octagonal shape.

Here you can also see a perfect replica of the Romanesque monastery, the “House of Chains” and the “El Palacio” house. A park of modern sculptures looks very interesting next to copies of historic buildings in Spain.

In addition, artificial orange trees can be seen lining the streets of the Spanish Village.

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