Spanish Ricart y Pérez Carreristes from 1923, 1500 cc., 60 HP,  6.000 RPM.

Ricart y Pérez (also spelled Ricart-Pérez) was a Catalan brand of engines and cars, manufactured by the company S.A. de los Motores Ricart & Pérez in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) between 1920 and 1926.

The company had two offices in the city, one at 236 to 244 Borrell Street and the other at 94 to 98 Rosselló Street.

In 1920, the engineer Vilfred Ricart and his friend Paco Pérez de Olaguer bought the Vallet y Fiol water pump engine factory, where Ricart had recently started working, and set up their new company.

The company started by creating and manufacturing an engine called the Rex, with such success that it was produced and mounted in all manner of vehicles until the 1960s.

In 1922 they launched a couple of sports cars, with a 1,500 engine cc of 4 cylinders, double overhead camshaft and 16 valves, whose power reached 58 HP.

The competitive debut of this model took place at the Penya Rhin Grand Prix of that year.

The different business visions of both partners caused the company to dissolve in 1926.

Vilfred Ricart then created his own company and continued to manufacture cars under the Ricart brand, while Pérez continued to produce the Rex engine until 1965.

This unique exhibit comes from The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

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