MH Bogga 125 E5

MH Motorcycles (before Motorhispania) is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1942, specializing in mopeds and light motorcycles.

Motorhispania was founded in 1942 when former Fiat director Oscar Rava signed a contract to import Lancia to Barcelona. Rava had gone into exile in Spain because of his Jewish ancestry, when Italy was under Mussolini. After the Second World War, Rava also started reselling motorcycles, e.g. Moto Guzzi. Rava started manufacturing motorcycles himself with the airline ISA in Seville, where the company moved in 1970.

Motorhispania’s product range includes five different moped models: Furia, FuriaMax, RYZ, MH10 and RX, as well as four light motorcycle models: Duna, MH7, MH10 and RX. Motorhispania also manufactures Peugeot’s XPS, XP7 and street 3 evo mopeds.

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