Spain rules out extending state of alarm past May 9

Catalan government plans to ease mobility restrictions starting next Monday

The Spanish government has ruled out extending the state of alarm beyond its current expiry date, May 9, which will put an end to six months of constitutionally exceptional measures in place to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The end of the state of alarm will also mean the night curfew will disappear, a measure which has been in force since the Spanish cabinet invoked extraordinary powers last October, amid the second wave of the virus.

The problem, say Catalan officials, is that should Covid-19 infections rise again, the regional government might no longer have the constitutional authority to pass the measures needed to contain the spread of the virus, and courts could reverse any new restrictions which may curb the freedom of movement or control the size of gatherings.

Catalan officials are also studying a proposal to launch a safe passage to attend cultural events, such as concerts or theater plays, adding them to the list of exceptions to the travel restrictions.

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