Spain and Catalonia support MidCat pipeline project despite French opposition

The governments of Spain and Catalonia support the MidCat pipeline project despite French president Emmanuel Macron’s opposing the infrastructure on Monday.

In fact, the pipeline could unite Africa to Europe via Catalonia.

Catalan and Spanish politicians showed their support for the project after the French president said it was a “nonsense” project and that there was “no evidence” of a need to complete the half-finished infrastructure.

Right now, the pipeline ends in the north-central town of Hostalric in Girona province, an hour north of Barcelona.

Paris had for weeks been skeptical of plans, which would imply not only reaching the border with France, but ending north of the Pyrenees in Barbairan, close to Carcassonne (Occitania) – that is, over 200 km.

Thus, France’s agreement and funding are needed to finish the works.

For Macron, building a third pipeline connecting Spain to France makes no sense because the existing ones are “underused,” because they are at 53% of their capacity, and in August, it was France the one exporting gas to Spain and not the other way round.

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