The Soviet YaMZ KrAZ-214 truck. Power – 205 hp. Made in 1962. Moscow transport museum

The KrAZ-214 is an off-road truck 6×6 for extreme operations. It was manufactured at the YaMZ plant from 1956-1959, after which production was moved to KrAZ. The model line was the successor to the YaG-10 trucks.

Technical characteristics

  • Engine: 6.97 L diesel 6 cyl.
  • Power: 205 PS /2000rpm
  • Torque: 765 Nm /1300rpm
  • Top speed: 55 mph


  • KrAZ-214 (КрАЗ-214): cargo truck. Produced 1959-1963.
  • KrAZ-214B (КрАЗ-214Б): Updated version of KrAZ-214 with improved suspension and a 24 volt electrical system. Produced 1963-1967.
  • E-305V (Э-305В) – military excavator on KrAZ-214 chassis.

KrAZ is a factory in Kremenchuk, Ukraine (former USSR), that produces trucks and other special-purpose vehicles, particularly heavy-duty off-road models since 1946. The factory was incorporated as a holding company combining several other factories nationwide and becoming the industrial wing of the finance-industrial group Finance and Credit, which also held the Finance and Credit bank.

OJSC «Autodiesel» (ОАО «Автодизель») known as the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ), based in Yaroslavl, Russia, is an open joint-stock company that produces engines for many Russian companies. Between 1925 and 1959, YaMZ produced heavy trucks. Back then it was also known as Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (YaAZ, Yaroslavskyi Avtomobilnyi Zavod).

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