The wooden frame bus body, made of different types of wood, sheathed in metal, was built according to the plans of engineer N.I. Frantsev. It used the ZiS-5 chassis with an extended base of 61 cm. Contrary to the practice adopted for the ZiS-8, Frantsev made this bus with a separate assembly. Sides, rear and front walls, doors, roof, floor base were made separately and then assembled. This solution has greatly simplified and reduced the cost of assembly.

ZiS-8 buses became the first Soviet buses to be exported. In 1934, a batch of 16 vehicles “left” for Turkey. Previously, Turkey purchased 100 ZiS-5 trucks.

Assembly: Moscow (USSR)

Years of production: 1934—1936

Engine: 6 cylinders; 5555 cm³

Power: 73 HP

Max speed: 60 km/h

Weight: 4,200 kg

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