LiAZ 677 M (Likino Bus Factory). Power – 180 hp. Made in 1974. 

Moscow transport museum

The LiAZ-677 is a Soviet and Russian city high-floor bus produced by the Likinsky Bus Plant. The first prototype was released in 1963, and mass-produced from 1967 to 1994. Third-party car kits assembly lasted until 2002. The LiAZ-677 was the most popular model of the plant, and the first Soviet bus with a hydromechanical (automatic) gearbox. This model was used by urban or suburban bus service in almost all cities of the Soviet Union.

LiAZ is a bus manufacturing company located in Likino-Dulyovo, Russia. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of GAZ. Specializes in designing and manufacturing buses large and extra large class (length 10.5 m and +).

Starting in 2015, the GAZ Group has introduced a single brand for all its bus manufacturing subsidiaries, and newly manufactured vehicles now feature the deer badge of the GAZ company.

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