Moskvitch 407 taxi. Power – 45 hp. Moscow transport museum

The Moskvitch 407 is a compact car manufactured by the former Soviet automobile maker MZMA, first time introduced in 1958 as a second generation of the Moskvitch series. It was a further upgrade of the Moskvitch 402.

The styling of the Moskvitch-402 followed the fashion set by similar-sized cars of its time such as the Hillman Minx, FIAT 1100, Ford Prefect 100E, Jowett Javelin, and Ford Consul Mk1, as well as by the larger GAZ-21 Volga, whose designers took part in the creation of this car.

The M-402 was the first Moskvitch designed in the Soviet Union and not based on any foreign model. It utilized a 35 hp (26 kW; 35 PS) 1,222 cc (74.6 cu in) inline four-cylinder flathead engine derived from the 1,074 cc (65.5 cu in) of its predecessors.

The top speed was 88–90 kilometres per hour (55–56 mph), a slight increase over the M-401 series, mostly due to considerable reductions in body weight; it could achieve 9 L/100 km.

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