Solsona Police launches Park Right Campaign

Solsona Police Launch Park Right Campaign

Photos will be posted on social networks marked # ni2minuts

Within two minutes, a collision between vehicles or a threat to pedestrians who, due to improper parking a car on a sidewalk have to enter the roadway. That is why you should not leave a poorly parked car. “Ni 2 minuts!” is the motto of the first information campaign launched by the Solson police.

Further in the plans is the education of citizens in matters of responsible dog keeping.

In this first communication campaign, photos of poorly parked vehicles will be published on social networks on the city council page. Cars that partially drove onto the sidewalk, parked at pedestrian crossings, in areas of loading and unloading goods, in places reserved for people with limited mobility will be photographed. These photos can be published by anyone who sees intruders.

Fines for improper parking in Solson range from 90 euros to 200.

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