Retro train “Sokolniki”

It was built in 2010 for the 75th anniversary of the Moscow metro and stylized for the first train of the Moscow metro, which consisted of a carriage of type A. Created by a special order at the manufacturer (Metrovagonmash), was made on the basis of model 81-717.5M/714.5M, however, he received his digital designation-81-717.5A/714.5A.

It was launched on the Sokolnicheskaya line (line 1) on May 15, 2010, on the day of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow metro. The metro leadership and some media outlets were presented as a “exact copy of the train of the 1930s”, which does not correspond to reality.

Outside, the train differs from the basic model with the following details: the body is painted in the colors characteristic of the metro of the 1930s, used for cars type A with their two chrome headlights (but without a end door, unlike the original).

Instead of on -board wagon numbers – the coat of arms of the USSR. The interior decoration of the wagons is made of difficult plastic plastic that imitates the linkerist – the material used in the cabins of the wagons of the old series.

The salon is equipped with soft sofas with the sidewalls of the seats, also mounted lamps-graders characteristic of the first metro trains. At the bottom of the doors – a rubber seal. Initially, wooden windows of windows were installed in the wagons, later replaced by standard aluminum, pasted with a tree with a tree. All other aluminum details of the cabin (door edges, rails between the sheets of plastic) are replaced with “tree” plastic. Otherwise, the composition is similar to wagons 81-717.5M/714.5M of the latest episodes and is intended for regular passenger operation.

Assembly: Metrovagonmash (Mytishi, Moscow region, Russia)

Year of production: 2010

Production: 1 unit (total: 7 wagons)

Length: 19,206 mm

Width: 2670 mm

Height: 3650 mm

Car material: steel

Type of current and voltage: 750 V DC

Powerplant: 4× ДК-117Д

Output power: 4× 114 kW

Max speed: 80 km/h

Weight: 34 t

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