SNCF Class BB 7200

The SNCF Class BB 7200 is a 1.5 kV DC electric locomotive operated by the SNCF in France. It is the DC version of the ‘Nez Cassé’ (Broken Nose) family of locomotives built between 1976 and 1985 by Alstom. They are rated for 4,040 kW (5,420 hp) of continuous power. SNCF Class BB 15000 is the AC version while the Class BB 22200 is a dual-voltage version. Another relative is the NS Class 1600 operated in the Netherlands, a DC locomotive based on the BB 7200. Intended primarily for passenger service, increasing numbers are being allocated for freight service with lower-geared bogies as passenger services are taken from locomotive-hauled coaches by TGV services. BB 7200 operations are limited to the French 1.5 kV DC electrified network in southeastern France, from Paris southwards. In 2016 48 were allocated to freight, 58 to intercity passenger service, 50 to regional passenger service, and two to auto-train service.

Manufacturer: Alstom (France)

Years of production: 1976–1985

Production: 240 locomotives

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Power output: 4,040 kW

Max speed: 160 km/h

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