SNCF BB 22200

After the first test held in 1976, the BB 22200 were introduced on the MarseilleNiceMenton line in southern France. The following year they started to haul longer distance trains such as the Train Bleu (1000 km from Ventimiglia to Paris) and the car-transport train between Marseille and Paris.

The BB 22200 are capable of a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour (99 mph). Eight locomotives, having a maximum power of 5,600 kilowatts (7,500 hp), were equipped for services up to 200 kilometres per hour (120 mph) and can work on LGV lines.


Manufacturer: Alstom (France)

Years of production: 1976–1986

Production: 205 locomotives

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Power output: 4,360 kW

Max speed: 160 km/h

Empty weight: 89 t

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