Smolensky metro bridge in Moscow

The Smolensky metro bridge in Moscow is a single-span steel arched metro bridge across the Moscow River, located between the Smolenskaya and Kyiv stations of the Filevskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It is the oldest metro bridge in Russia. Train traffic to the Kyiv station was opened on March 20, 1937.

The authors of the project are engineers N.P. Polikarpov, P.K. Antonov, architects – brothers Konstantin Yakovlev and Yuri Yakovlev. The project consultants are MIIT professors Nikolai Streletsky and Georgy Evgrafov.

The bridge is double-track, with a track width of 3.55 m. Its route is generally straight, and on the right bank, when leaving the bridge, a curve of small radius begins – the route goes south, to the Kievsky railway station.

At the base of the bridge are two main arches, 150.0 m long with a 11.04 m (7.4%) lift boom. The maximum height of the U-shaped profile of the arch is 2.7 m. The distance between the arches is 9.5 m. The arches were made according to circular patterns, and after loading with the superstructure of the track, they took the design parabolic shape. In addition to the main span, the bridge has five coastal reinforced concrete arches, the full span scheme is 19.225 + 20.5 + 19.225 + 150.0 + 19.225 + 19.225 m.

The river abutments of the bridge rest on massive flat caissons, each 40.0 × 17.5 m in size (area over 700 m²), buried to a limestone slab (about 15 m deep).

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