Sizaire-Naudin Biplace Course 12 HP from 1908

Sizaire-Naudin Biplace Course 12 HP (France) from 1908, one cylinder, 1490 cc, 70 km/h

Sizaire et Naudin was a French automobile manufacturer located on the northern side of central Paris, at 52 rue Victor-Hugo in Courbevoie, between 1903 and 1921.

Sizaire-Naudin was founded by two brothers called Maurice (1877–1969) and Georges Sizaire (1880–1924), in partnership with a family friend, Louis Naudin (1876–1913) in 1903. The partners had already experimented with a car in 1902 or 1903 but it was not until 1905 that the light “voiturette-style” cars were offered for sale, and shown at the Paris Salon in October of that year.

In 1912 the Sizaire brothers left the company following disagreement with an investor. Their participation in the automotive business was far from ended, however, and in 1913, with the help of F. Berwick, the London-based UK importer of Corre La Licorne cars, they obtained finance in London for the launch of a new automobile manufacturing company called Sizaire-Berwick. Sizaire-Naudin continued for a further decade without them.

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