From 9th of October to 1st of November in Andorra will take place regular shopping festival

From 9 October to 1 November in Andorra will take place regular shopping festival. It will coincide with the recently opened exhibition of Land Art of Andorra (Pyrenees) art in open spaces, the theme of which touches the topic of clothing (clothes, for example, is a continuation of photos of mountain scenery, etc.).

Andorra la Vella during the festival will be divided into thematic sectors. Windows of the shops and boutiques of the historic center of the city will be decorated in the style of Boho Chic natural pastel tones and ocher. One of the main shopping streets Meritxell will turn into a craft area Ethic with elements of the exotic South African countries and will be decorated in beigeleopardcolours. Stores of the commercial zone Riberyagua Travesseres will introduce visitors to some careless style in fashion Modern Farmer with the characteristic blue and steel gray colors. Fener Boulevard area will be decorated in style Neo Romanticism: here visitors will see a display with hearts and other attributes of the romanticism of all shades of red and pastel tones.

To get back to the sixties will help the New Modyou will recognize these stores by Windows with Beatles photos and accessories typical of the era. Shops of Encamp, Pas de la Casa, Canillo, Ordino, La Massana and San Julia de Loria traditionally will offer sportswear by Casual Sport. Fashionable colors of this season – white, blue and red.

The festival organizers have prepared for visitors many surprises. Designer of clothes and hats from Barcelona (Spain, Catalonia) Òscar Fernàndez will bring to Andorra collection of 50 fake hats in different shapes and colors, which will decorate the streets of the capital. This designer has already participated in the shopping festival in Andorra last year with his work “The Zip Avenue” – a giant zipper, which took place along one of the central streets of the capital cityA design project by Bosque Samantha, who represented Andorra at the Venice Biennale in 2013, will adorn the facade of Comú of Andorra La Vella.

During the festival on 11 and 31 October in the squares Place de la Rotonda (Andorra La Vella) and Place Coprinceps (Escaldes-Engordany) from 12-00 till 14-00 and from 17-00 to 23-00 will be opened chill-out, where visitors will get the services of professional makeup artists.

In the same days throughout the Meritxell street and in the historic part of Andorra La Vella all day will be playing live music. Starting from 18:00 guests of shopping festival will be entertained by the theatre group, animators and elegant characters on stilts.

The festival activities are also planned for children. 11 and 31 of October from 11-00 to 14-00 and 16-00 to 20-00 on the streets of old town and Carlemany shopping street, will be held master classes, where children will be invited to make and decorate carnival masks.

Important information for food lovers: this year the shopping festival will coincide with traditional, seasonal gastronomic days of Andorra which will be held from 9 October to 9 November. Chefs of the best restaurants in the Principality will be cooking for guests gourmet meals for the price of 25€.

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