Shlino is a lake on the border of the Tver and Novgorod regions of Russia, in the Msta basin

Shlino is a lake on the border of the Tver and Novgorod regions of Russia, in the Msta basin (between Moscow and St. Petersburg). The area is 34 km², it’s altitude above sea level is 199 meters. The lake’s origin is of the moraine-dammed type. Its northern third belongs to the Novgorod region Valday district, the southern part is located in the Tver region Firovsky district.

The lake has an oval shape, elongated slightly from north to south. The coastline is very rugged, there are numerous narrow bays and capes. In the western part of Shlino, it is connected by a narrow channel with Lake Starozhil.

Berezai Lake is at 6 kilometers to the north, but it does not connect with Shlino, the drain from it goes through the Berezayka River. The lake shores are dry, tall, and picturesque. The lake northern, eastern and partially southern shores are well developed, there are several villages on the shores. The western and southwestern coast parts are poorly developed and hardly reachable.

Several small rivers flow into the lake, the largest is Libya (flows into the narrow and long western bay), Kova and Rabezh (flow into the southern part of the lake). There is the Shlina source in the lake northeastern part. The Libya upper part is connected by an artificial canal to Velho Lake, belonging to the Pola basin.

About 60 Neolithic sites were discovered in the Shlino Lake area. The lake was proposed for protection with the state nature reserve status in order to preserve numerous springs and plant communities that are rare for the region.

There are several islands on Shlino Lake with a total area of 0.4 km ², the largest – Bolshoi, Sudachin, Ligonovo.

Coordinates: 57 ° 40′00 ″ N 33 ° 23′00 ″ E


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