Sèries 7000/8000

Trains of the 7000 series (standard gauge) and 8000 (Iberian gauge) will be destined for lines L3 and L1, respectively of the Barcelona’s metro (Barcelona, Spain). The purchase of these units has been designed to replace the trains of the 3000 and 4000 series, since on the one hand asbestos has been detected at 30% of 210 cars that make up the 3000/4000. Those of the 2000 series, which run on line 3, will also be replaced. They have now been de-asbestos-free.

The composition is MA1-MB1-R-MB2-MA2, where MA is control car, MB motor intermediate trailer and R intermediate trailer car.

The trains have LED lighting, an ergonomic design, real-time information and USB ports.

The first train of the 7000 series entered commercial service on line 3 on March 13, 2023. On the other hand, the first of the 8000 series did so on July 7, 2023 on line 1. Each but two new trains will be added to the mobile fleet of both lines, and so on until the withdrawal of the 3000 and 4000 series is complete.

Other rolling stock from Barcelona metro

Sèrie 500

Sèrie 2000/2100

Sèrie 3000/4000

Sèrie 5000

Sèrie 6000

Sèrie 9000


Manufacturer: Alstom (France)

Assembly: Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Catalonia)

Years of production: 2022—2023

Production: 26 trainsets

Length: 17,803 mm

Width: 2710 mm

Height: 3860 mm

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Capacity (trainset with 5 cars): 852 passengers (108 seats)

Continuous power: 2500 kW

Type of current and voltage: 1200 V (DC)

Maximum speed: 80 km/h

Weight: 30.124 t


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