September 30th and October 1st “Trophée des Pyrénées” competitions with the participation of racing cars will be held in Andorra

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photo: ACA

September 30th and October 1st the “Trophée des Pyrénées” competitions with the participation of will be held in Andorra. The racers will move to the neighboring Andorra after the “Course de Côte de Font-Romeu” competition in France .

The “Trophée des Pyrénées” Cup, which is organized by Andorra Automobile Club (l’Automòbil Club d’Andorra), l’ASA Corbières, ASAC 66 and Cerdanya , will take place at one of Andorra’s highways Ordino-Arkalis, CS-380, with a destination point of Vallnord Ordino-Arkalis station.

The average slope is 7.25%, the start will be at the altitude of 2250 m.

The list of participants:

1-Frédéric Toubert, Renault Clio Cup, 40 point
2-Dimitri Pereira, Norma M20F, 36 point
3-Guillaume Pelloux, Peugeot 206 Maxi, 32 point
4-Edgar Montellà, Speed Car Evo, 30 point
5-Nicolas Verdier, Dallara 302, 28 point
6-Fabien Dardalhon, Simca 1000 Rallye II, 26 point
7-Jean-Pierre Segura, Audi R8 LMS, 24 point
8-Jean-Marc Boillot, Simca 1000 Rallye II, 20 point
9-Joel Cazalens, Scora, 20 point
10-Cyril Mallemanche, Norma M20F, 20 point
11-Thierry Sanchez, Porsche 997 GT3, 20 point

The competition will continue on September 2d and 3d in La Baume (France).