The Sencor S-5400 ghettoblaster is simply an AKA of the Sankei TCR-S90 (Toshiba RT-S83 in Japan).

Sankei TCR-S90. This boombox was sold in 1982. It was given many different brand names, like Palladium, Ken-Tech, Kamosonic, Tecsonic, Saturn, Sencor, Blue Star, and Kings Point. It’s a big dual-cassette box that measures 630 x 320 x 173 mm. Unlike many big boxes, it’s not loaded with excessive bling. Instead, it has a simple, masculine, take-no-prisoners, “gladiator” appearance.

The TCR-S90H has traditional RCA input and output jacks, while the TCR-S90EE has a DIN jack instead. The TCR-S90EE is 220 volts only, while the TCR-S90H can operate on either 110 or 220 volts.

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