Security measures related to the opening of the French border on Monday, 1st June

Security measures related to the opening of the French border on Monday.

· Pas de la Casa police action protocol: Aimed at ensuring that French tourists comply with Andorra’s Covid-19 protocols, special security measures will be carried out between the Police Force and the municipality of Encamp from Monday, 1st June. These measures will be maintained throughout the month of June. There will be a police presence 24-hours-a-day with 20 agents at the French border and 21 in Pas de la Casa.

The Mission :

• Ensuring public order, prevention of any criminal or administrative infractions.

• Ensuring compliance with the safety distance between people recommended by the Ministry of Health.

• Ensuring the use of masks.

• Ensuring the smooth running of traffic and, in general, applying all the Covid-19 regulations

Deployment measures

• A combination of pedestrian patrols and vehicle patrols.

• Pas de la Casa has been divided into 4 zones: Zone 1 between CGII and Av Consell General. Zone 2 between Av.d’Encamp and C / Major. Zone 3 between C / Sant Jordi, Gasopas and Plaça Coprinceps. Zone 4 between C / Cataluna, C / Bearn and C / La Solana..

Measures adopted by the Comú of Encamp

• 16 traffic officers will be assigned with 12-hour shifts from 7h – 19h.

• 27 people from community workers and Red Cross volunteers assigned to explain Andorra’s prevention measures to visitors.

• Collaboration with commercial establishments: posters have been distributed in the shop windows showing all prevention measures.

• Prohibition of exhibiting goods on the street.

• One-way traffic on the narrower sidewalks.

• Pedestrian conversion of C / Major to avoid mass crossings.

• Closure of public toilets and installation of individual portacabins outside.

• One-way access to the Gasopas petrol station to ensure orderly vehicle queues.

• Information material consists of 60 posters distributed along the public road, 300 inside shops etc, 20 barriers at the exits of car parks, 1 electronic screen in a 24- hour loop and 5,000 leaflets.

• A statement has been sent to the French media to remind visitors of the measures to be taken.

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