SEAT S.A. reduces the environmental impact of its facilities by 53% since 2010

In recent months, SEAT S.A. has begun the construction of the new SEAT al Sol 2 solar plant and has put into operation the Volkswagen Group’s first electric paint drying oven in Martorell.

In 2023, the company launched the largest package of diversity and inclusion measures in its history
SEAT S.A. achieved the best sustainability results in its history in 2023, thanks to the effectiveness of its strategic projects in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas. The company has reduced the environmental impact of its facilities in Martorell, Barcelona and El Prat by 53% since 2010 by improving its production processes. In the last year, it has also implemented wellness and diversity programmes that had a direct impact on the entire workforce, in addition to strengthening the governance structure.

Reducing water consumption has also been a priority in recent years. Especially in recent months, given the severe drought in Catalonia. SEAT S.A. has reduced by 45% the water consumption needed to produce a car at its facilities since 2010.

The latest indicators focus on waste generation, which is sent to treatment facilities for disposal, and solvent emissions. Both have been reduced by 78% and 45%, respectively, since 2010.

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