SEAT Ibiza Mk2 (6K). Blue version in La Massana

The SEAT Ibiza is a supermini car that has been manufactured by Spanish car manufacturer SEAT since 1984. It is SEAT’s best-selling car. The Ibiza is named after the Spanish island of Ibiza and was the second SEAT model to be named after a Spanish location, after the SEAT Málaga. It was introduced at the 1984 Paris Motor Show as the first car developed by SEAT as an independent company, although it was designed by SEAT in collaboration with well-known firms including Italdesign, Karmann, and Porsche.

Second generation (6K; 1993)

The Ibiza Mk2 (Typ 6K) was the first Ibiza generation fully developed and produced under Volkswagen Group ownership. Its platform variant was based on the Volkswagen Polo 6N and Volkswagen Golf Mk3. In the interior, the pre-facelift Ibiza 6K shared its dashboard with many other models from SEAT and Volkswagen, such as the SEAT Córdoba Mk1, the Volkswagen Polo Classic, the SEAT Inca, the Volkswagen Polo Mk3, and others.

This Ibiza was available in three- and five-door models; the saloon/coupé variant was known as the SEAT Córdoba, and the estate was known as the SEAT Córdoba Vario. The Ibiza was regularly the best-selling car in Spain and sold relatively well in the rest of Europe, helping SEAT increase its sales figures significantly from 1993 onwards.

Before the facelift, the trim levels were i, CL, CLX, GLX, Pasion, S, and GTI.

Design: Giorgetto Giugiaro (Italdesign)

Made in Spain (Catalonia)

Years of production: 1993–2002

Engine: 1500 cc

Power: 70 HP

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