Scootercar B.V. Yellow version in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

GoCar is a two-seater, 3 wheeled vehicle that runs with a 49cc size scooter engine. It is legally classed as a scooter to drive on the roads. The GoCars were created with the purpose of being rented to tourists as a different way to see a city.

GoCars run with a 49cc Scooter engine, made by Trigger Technics BV of Leiden, in the Netherlands.

GoCars have an integrated audio GPS system which runs through the patented navigation software “FoundAround”. This allows the cars to give driving instructions to passengers around specific routes, at the same time as providing a tour guide-style commentary around a city. The tour is played to the passengers through two 4-inch speakers inside the Gocar. The software is custom designed for GPS Tour creation and uses a “Tour Logic” to render to the user pertinent, contextual information.

The fiberglass-bodied cars are 92 inches long and weigh 380 pounds. For registration purposes, the vehicle is considered a motorcycle, but because it has three wheels, it can be driven by anyone with a regular Class D Driver’s license.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, they are approved for use on surface streets, but can’t be driven on freeways or roads where the top speed is 45 mph.


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