Scientific submarine reaching depths up to 2,300 meters go through sea trials around the Balearic Islands

Scientific submarine reaching depths up to 2,300 meters launched in Barcelona (SpainCatalonia).

Aurelia is the first modern scientific submersible built 100% in Catalonia with a huge acrylic sphere offering passengers near 360-degree unobstructed views.

The sub has been developed by the American company Triton Submarines in its Sant Cugat del Vallès facility, near Barcelona.

REV Ocean will be the company using the submarine with its scientific sensors, tools, cameras, and sampling equipment. It is a not-for-profit company created with the purpose to “make our oceans healthy again,” looking for solutions to combat “the negative pressures currently affecting the ocean,” a statement reads.

The submarine has a poly, also known as plexiglass, window. Aurelia aurita is the name given to the commonly seen moon-jellyfish which can easily be recognized by its distinctive four horseshoe-shaped pattern, seen through the top of the bell.

Aurelia will now go through extensive sea trials around the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean over the coming weeks to test its capabilities, performance, and science equipment. The sea trial is the last phase of construction ahead of Aurelia’s full certification.

REV Ocean’s other deep-sea vehicle, ROV Aurora, entered service in October 2021 and dove the Malloy Deep and the Gakkel Ridge in the Arctic Ocean (3800m), sampling hydrothermal vents for the first time.

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