School of the Order of St. Catherine in St. Petersburg

The building of the School of the Order of St. Catherine (Catherine Institute) today is occupied by Russian National Library (Newspapers Department), St. Peterburg, Fontanka Embankment.

1804-1807 – architect Quarenghi G.

1823-1825 – architect Quadri Dementiy Ivanovich – two and three-story outbuildings.

An extended 3-storey building, the central part of which is highlighted by an 8-columned portico. It was built in the forms of strict classicism for the Catherine Institute – a privileged women’s educational institution.

Official name – St. Petersburg School of the Order of St. Catherine, Catherine’s Institute – local name.

Today the Newspaper Department of the National Library of Russia (NLR) occupies the building. It is a comprehensive subdivision of the library, which receives, processes and stores newspaper publications, as well as providing services to readers, organizing copying and disclosing the contents of the fund. There is a reading room for 42 seats and an information and bibliographic point.

The Department of Newspapers stores newspapers in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, published since 1728, as well as newspapers in European languages, published after 1789 – more than 800 000 items in total.

Address: 191104, St. Petersburg, emb. Fontanka, 36

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