Scammell Pioneer SV/2S: heavy tank transporter

Scammell Lorries Limited was a British manufacturer of trucks, particularly specialist and military off-highway vehicles, between 1921 and 1988. From 1955 Scammell was part of Leyland Motors.

Scammell started as a late-Victorian period wheelwright and coach-building business, G Scammell & Nephew Ltd in Spitalfields, London. George Scammell, the founder, was joined by his nephew Richard and Richard’s sons Alfred and James. By the early 1900s, the firm had become financially stable, providing maintenance to customers of Foden steam wagons. One such customer, Edward Rudd, had imported a Knox Automobile tractor from the United States, and impressed with its low weight/high hauling power had asked Scammell if they could make a similar model of their own.

Delivery of a production tank transporter did not begin until 1937. This was equipped with a longer wheelbase for an extended cab to accommodate the tank crew as passengers and larger rear wheels than the artillery tractor and recovery vehicle variants.

30-ton (Pioneer TRCU30) trailer combinations were delivered. In both cases, the trailer was more-or-less fixed to the tractor, not demountable like modern semi-trailer trucks. Hinged ramps were used to get the tank onto the trailer; if the tank was immobilised, it could be pulled onto the trailer with the tractor unit’s winch.

Made in UK in 1942

Engine: 6 cylinders

Power: 102 HP

Max. speed: 40 km/h

Carrying capacity: < 30,000 kg

Empty weight: 9627 kg

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