We were able to implement almost everything that was invented using the most advanced technologies, says scriptwriter of Scalada Vision 2016, the former artist of Cirque du Soleil, Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar

Mukhtar Omar Sharif MukhtarCreative director at “45 Degrees”, which is the exclusive provider of Cirque du Soleil, scriptwriter of Scalada Vision 2016, the former artist of Cirque du Soleil, Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar shared with all-andorra.com his impressions of the premiere performance:

“Scalada Vision 2016 is the 4th complimentary show in Andorra la Vella. Each time it is an exclusive product with a storyline thematically associated with Andorra. Show Scalada Vision 2016 – it is only for Andorra and only for July. All you will see is unique – it’s never ever met before…

Vision story focuses on a brother and his younger sister. Their beautiful and unbreakable bond is a representation of the strength of family relations, which has a great value in Andorra. The girl follows her instincts and gets lost in a surreal futuristic world, with her brother chasing after her, all the while living his own experiences. Each will encounter elements from their own imagination, transported into the future.

The performance involves 31 artists and 38 technical crew members who remain behind the scenes. Our troupe unites people of 18 nationalities.

We were able to implement almost everything that was invented. The budget allowed us to do that (according to the minister of Tourism and Trade of Andorra Francesc Camp, in 2016, the budget for the show was 2700000€ against 2500000€ in 2015 – ed*.). Graphic design, lighting, sound, music – we tried to use the most advanced technology to portray the world of children’s dreams. We used the music of several authors, including the English musician Michael Ashanti.

The production took  more than 6 months – the first sketches on paper appeared in last November. It is interesting, perhaps, that all together, the element of show were connected just 2 days before the premiere. Before that, every artistic element was rehearsed separately.

During the premiere, July 2, I was in the hall. Objectively, as a spectator, I could say that I saw an unbelievably beautiful show. I saw a huge number of people – there were 5000 spectators! Most of them came much earlier – an hour or even an hour and half before the show. We were waited by Andorra. The audience came to fly away to the dream world, leaving aside all realities. Sometimes they became participants of the show, when the artists were only step away from them.

I felt the energy of people, their emotions. It was amazing…

I am proud to say that all stunts were performed perfectly, without mistakes. And it’s not just my opinion. My colleague, director of choreography and acrobatics Emilie Therrien says the same. The majority of the stunts were at a very high level of risk. But it looked so easily that the audience felt no danger.”

The show runs until 30 July. Beginning: 22:00. Location: Parc Central, Andorra la Vella.

Steven Broyden

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