Palau Novella or Garraf Buddhist Monastery

Palau Novella or Garraf Buddhist Monastery

Palau Novella or Garraf Buddhist Monastery (cat. El Palau Novella o Monestir budista del Garraf) is an old Indian house that was transformed into a Buddhist monastery – Sakya Tashi Ling (cat. Sakya Tashi Ling).

It is located in the Garraf Natural Park, Catalonia, Spain, in the Roman Flat urbanization, in the municipality of Olivella (cat. Olivella). The complex is included in the List of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

It is an eclectic building that has a number of interesting decorations inside, such as a neo-Arabian room. Outwardly, it imitates a fort with a high wall, with sentries at the corners and on the sides of the doors. When you enter the enclosure, you see a courtyard that leads – to the left – into the courtyard of lemon groves, and – to the right – to the cellars, the well and the chapel.

The large main core has a symmetrical structure with two side hulls and one simpler central one with a tiled roof and a turret.


In 1875, the Raventos family sold the old farmhouse Plana Novella in addition to the farmhouses Les Piques and El Corral Pere Domaines y Grau, a native of the island of Christina and resident of Cuba, and his wife Maria de Vilanova. Construction work on the palace was completed on October 29, 1890 under the direction of the architect Manuel Comas i Thos.

The owners used it only for six years, as it quickly collapsed. Therefore, in 1896 the estate was put up for public auction. Since then, the palace has had different owners who kept its doors closed until the Buddhist community settled there in 1996, which restored the building and created a museum.

It is located an hour by car from Barcelona or 40 minutes from Sitges, Costa del Garraf)

GPS coordinates: 41 ° 17 ′ 30 ″ N, 1 ° 51 ′ 09 ″ E

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