Saint-Cyprien is a commune located in the east of the Pyrénées-Orientales department in the Occitania region (France).

It’s a popular part of the Amethyst Coast of the Mediterranean resorts of France.

The commune is in Roussillon, a former province of the Kingdom of France, which existed from 1659 until 1790 and which covered the three vigueries of Roussillon, Conflent and Cerdagne.

Exposed to a Mediterranean climate, it is drained by the Agouille de la Mer. The town has a remarkable natural heritage: two Natura 2000 sites (the “Canet-Saint Nazaire lagoon complex” and the “Canet lagoon complex”) and five natural areas of ecological, fauna and flora interest.

Saint-Cyprien is an urban and coastal commune that has 11,398 inhabitants in 2021, after having experienced a sharp increase in population since 1962. It is the central city of the agglomeration of Saint-Cyprien and is part of the area of attraction of Perpignan.

Saint-Cyprien is one of seven seaside resorts developed in the 1960s as part of the interministerial tourism development mission for the Languedoc coastline led by Pierre Racine. It is the third largest marina in France.

Main attractions

  • The Water Tower;
  • The decorative and useful harbor fountain since it cleans the water in the pool;
  • Prosper-Mérimée Media Library;
  • Contemporary art collection;
  • Collection of the François Desnoyer Foundation, created in 1963;
  • Saint-Cyprien Church, built in the 18th century on the remains of the old Romanesque church, and its furniture from the 18th century and 19th century. The building was listed as a historic monument in 1992.
  • Saint-Étienne de Vilarasa Church, Romanesque church.


  • Maillol Beach (HandiPlage certified): Very central, allowing you to combine shopping and the beach.
  • Tourist Office Beach: Beach located between Place Maillol and the Tourist Office. Swimming is not allowed here.
  • North Beach: Meeting place for windsurfers as a spot recognised as one of the most pleasant in Languedoc-Roussillon.
  • Rodin Beach: Located near the main market, this beach is the scene of fierce volleyball tournaments
  • Pont Tournant (Swing Bridge) Beach (HandiPlage certified): Close to the UDSIST Sea Sports Centre.
  • Lagoon Beach: Accessible by the swing bridge, this is one of the wildest beaches on the Amethyst Coast.
  • South Beach: At the extreme south of the resort.


There is 1 Michelin list restaurant in the city: The Almandine, Boulevard de l’Almandin, St-Cyprien Sud, Saint-Cyprien, 66750, France · Modern kitchen.

How to get to?

From Paris: 8 hr 34 min (868 km) via A71 and A75

From Toulouse: 2 hr 24 min (226 km) via A61 and A9

From Carcassonne: 1 hr 31 min (135 km) via A61 and A9

From Perpignan: 18 min (16.4 km) via D914

From Narbonne: 1 hr 5 min (85.1 km) via A9

From Monaco: 5 hr 19 min (517 km) via A8 and A9

From Andorra: 3 hr 5 min (186 km) via N116

Main information

Area: 15,80 km2

Population: 11 398

Coordinates: 42°37′08″N 3°00′25″E

Language: Catalan, French

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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