Russian oligarch Abramovich’s yacht Solaris leaves Barcelona port

A yacht owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has left Barcelona port on Tuesday where it had been undergoing repairs at shipyard MB92 since 2021.

Solaris is a 140-meter boat sailing under a Bermuda flag and left the Catalan capital after 5 pm, as data from the Marine Traffic website shows and the international Reuters news agency first reported.

Asked by the departure of the ship, MB92 did not comment on the matter, but sources confirmed to Catalan News that the boat is no longer in the harbor.

Yacht Solaris is currently navigating Southeast direction at the West Mediterranean, but so far, the destination point is unknown.

Local newspapers say that two other Russian oligarchs’ boats are still in the Catalan city.

Solaris yacht is owned by Russian Roman Abramovich oligarch. He is affected by the sanctions imposed by the European Union to Russians after Putin started a military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

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